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"Life Symbolic by my friend Mike Abdow is a true work of art. Melodic, beautiful, aggressive, inspirational."
-Jeff (Massachusetts)

"Life Symbolic is simply a fusion guitar journey that keeps the listener entertained from start to finish. A stand out track for me would have to be Fait Accompli, where Mike Abdow exercises his jazzy side accompanied by an awesome traditional walking bass line. Abdow’s playing throughout the record is a solid mix of shred guitar and creative phrasing that will leave the listener humming the melodies to their self all day. Despite some gripes with the audio production, the record is an incredibly solid release from one of the more promising players on the scene. I can’t wait to hear more ear bending licks on the next release!"
-Mike DeMaria of Alustrium (Pennsylvania) 

"Inspirational in many ways man. To me as musicians this album helps to think outside of the box when writing leads and solos. It's like a gateway to new flavors of music. Fantastic work Mike."
-Rithiya (Massachusetts)

"Since we picked up both of your CD's this past weekend, I have had them on constant rotation. I am in love with so many of the songs, I can't think of what's what right now - still so new to me. So brilliant. I find my self singing along to some of the instrumental songs"
-Tina Valenti of Aquanett (Rhode Island)


"Hanging around with Mike, I was privileged to get to hear some of the songs as they were being developed. That being said, when I first listened to Life Symbolic I was blown away. Hearing what each song developed into, and hearing other songs for the first time, was the first time in a long time that I was surprised while listening to an album. I knew it was going to be a well thought out and expressive musical endeavor, but it surpassed every expectations by miles."
-Patrick (Massachusetts)  

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